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 – Leigh-Ann Patel – 

Owner and founder, Leigh-Ann Smith, always had a vision of empowering and inspiring woman by awakening their inner goddess. Her firm belief in this vision brought Feminite into existence. Growing up in Cape Town and surrounded by strong woman as role models, inspired her to make this dream come true.

Feminite specialises in the celebration of women, making each event, party and occasion a one to remember. With her specific love for creating an exciting concept of unique ideas and themes, you can be assured that Feminite has a distinct difference to keep each package memorable and entertaining.

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel.

Hi, I’m Leigh-Ann and I am many things. I am inspired. I am humbled. I am strong. I am the perfect balance of soft and hard. I am powerful. I am motivated. I am empowered. I am fierce. Quite simply put, I AM WOMAN.

And my, what a privilege. What a rush. As a business owner, I have had the distinct pleasure of watching my passion transform into a calling. I started Feminite 15 years ago with the aim of creating an events company for WOMEN… run by WOMEN. An events company that specialized in creating an infinitely feminine experience that encouraged women to invite their inner Goddess… and let her ROAR.

What started out as a fun way to let women be simply… well, women, became a dream realized. I haven’t always embraced being a woman, there were times when all the noise made me question who I am, and made me try and fit myself into a tiny box. Through my events, I watched women walk in and some were loud, and some were quiet. Some were shy, and some were dancing on countertops. They were all different. They were all beautiful. Why? Because they were embracing being a woman.

Through this realization, my events became more and more focused on allowing women a space, an experience that encouraged them to tune in to that strong and powerful voice we all suppress way too often. And I wanted, I needed to do something more about this. I needed to shout from rooftops that women are strong, that women are able.

And so I did. I WOMANED UP. Through my wellness seminars, I empower women to put themselves first and to realize their own potential. I help them to be infinitely happy in their “womanness”, to embrace the complexities, contrasts and perfect imperfections that all come with being a woman. I help them understand that no one gives you power… you simply take it. I AM WOMAN.



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