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Interview with Leigh-Ann Smith by Velocity Media:

1. How did the idea to start Feminite come about?
I started Feminite 4 years ago, I was attending a few Bachelorettes and birthdays at the time and noticed how the bridal groups were running off their feet trying to get everything perfect and never got to spend any quality time with the bride to be. I wanted to change this so my concept came about to introduce a company that could handle all the planning and execute the perfect day for all involved, without anyone else lifting a finger.

2. Living in a society that can be quite conservative, did you experience any challenges when you launched Feminite?
There were definitely a few challenges, trying to introduce ladies to the fun side of Feminite and getting in touch with their feminine side. To Appreciate oneself and celebrate being a woman is always the last on everyone’s minds, I find though that it has evolved as Woman are now more open to new concepts and want to learn about the beneficial products we have so they can add a little spice to the bedroom too.

3. What have been some of your favorite moments during an event?
I have so many, but if I had to choose, my Favorite moment during an event would have to be the smiles on all the ladies faces, the joy that comes from that instant gratification of running an event and knowing the ladies are having the ultimate experience with Feminite.

4. Do you have any cringe moments from an event you’d like to share with our readers?
I’m sure all events have cringe moments, where something out of your control could possible go wrong, but what I have found is that each new event is a learning experience and that you should always have a back-up plan in place, a good example would be weather conditions. Be Prepared for every situation so you can avoid the unexpected issues.

5. Being a woman who believes in celebrating women, are they any women in your life you consider role models?
I really do believe in all of us celebrating being woman and empowering other woman out there to capture that special uniqueness and share our success as well as our failures so we can all learn from each other.
Saying this, my mom is definitely my Role Model in life as no matter what life hands her or what she faces, she always has the strength to endure and get through it with a smile on her face.

6. Do you run any other businesses aside from Feminite? Or is this something you would consider?
Feminite is my only focus at the moment, but in future I would love to own a wedding establishment to cater for those extravagant wedding escapades that we all dream about

7. We noticed you have a team in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, are you looking to expand to other cities in South Africa/ Africa or Internationally?
I would love to expand to Durban, and a future endeavor might have an international venture on the cards

8. What are some of your favourite downtime venues in Johannesburg?
The Beauty Box spa in Northcliff is one of my fav’s at the moment, this spa has all the indulgence a woman needs in our busy lives, a place to relax, have some bubbly and enjoy all the amazing treatments it has to offer. I also love socializing at Copper Bar in Bryanston, Casalinga is a fav, and love The Farmers Market in Fourways too.

9. What do you love about female entrepreneurs such as yourself, in Johannesburg?
I love that we are empowering and phenomenal in a sense that we want to make that difference in society and be woman we can be proud of. Go getters at living life to the fullest, reaching for the stars and dreaming of bigger goals and aspirations.

10. Do you have any advice for women looking to grow in their respective industries or in their own personal journeys of self-confidence?
My advice would be to always keep learning and growing, don’t ever give up on your dreams no matter how long or bumpy the road may be, each curve is a discovery of yourself and keep empowering eachother along the way.



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