When was the last time you allowed yourself to unwind?

Now I mean truly unwind, let your hair down, explore what makes you well … YOU. Most woman will at some time reach a point, where they want to do something different, make a change, a statement or just have unbridled fun.

At Feminite our “goddesses” have reached this pinnacle in our lives and now we want to spread the joy. We have placed some fantastic concepts and packages in our structure for ladies to let loose and be! Explore their beauty, fitness, sensuality and wild side.

Feminite is not only about fun, we also want to empower woman perhaps you’ve lost your spark due to life’s hardships. We want to bring back your confidence, so the beauty that is you can shine once again. Every woman is in her own right Awesome! We just need to feel it and see, with our team of accomplished, compassionate woman you will feel right at home whether its fitness, styling or just a jolly good party, we are there to make your day!



So let’s begin with some sexy tips on preparing for a boudoir shoot:

  1. Put some thought into it. Sexy outfits, tool belts, 40s pinup, cheerleader, the world is your oyster here, just remember less is more but be creative and let your uniqueness shine through.
  2. Select the clothing items that you will need. Carry something you feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy in. Ensure your clothing is well fitted and in line with your chosen theme. Always bring too much rather than to little.
  3. Know what you are comfortable with showing. Remember ladies you do not have to expose yourself completely in order to make it sexy, there are many “ways to skin a cat” pardon the expression. Your level of comfort will always come through on the pics, so be yourself.
  4. Hair and Make-up. Always “get fixed up” as the saying goes, if you look good you feel good. Go all out, get your hair done, tan, and most of all get that make-up artist in and let them accentuate all your gorgeous features! The better you feel the more you are going to own this shoot.

We look forward to hearing from you! Go ahead Indulge with us!

Jacquay Thiercelin



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